A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was made for Ludum Dare 34

In this game you grow plants and protect them from evil shoes,shears and bulldozers. It is about experimenting and getting used to the game mechanics and also about strategically thinking.

My game can be played with only 2 Keys (A/D) or a Mouse (which has 2 Buttons).

You upgrade things by throwing coins at them.

Enemies will appear when the sun rises.

When all your flowers die you have to restart the level.

Game was made in Java using LWJGL with eclipse

Art was made with ProMotion

Music was made with FamiTracker

Sounds were generated with sfxr

Thank you for your time!

I would be happy if you try my game and post a comment.

- Pusty



Move the mouse to the side to move. Click to drop coins.

or Keyboard:

A/D or Arrow Keys to move, press both to drop coins

(alternatively press S or Arrow Down).


P: Pause/Unpause

Esc: To save and exit

Link to Ludum Dare Page

Hints (If you are stuck or something like that):


Dialogues are important! (Recall them with E)

Last line on the HUD tells how many enemies will approach next day.

To drop 9 or more energy you have to move while doing so.

Everything can be build and upgraded 3 times.

Plants can only be upgraded once a day-night cycle.

If no Sun Flower is left you lost.

Building something cost 1 Energy every time. Upgrade cost variate.

If you collide with an enemy all you Energy will be dropped.

Sun Flowers (Flower):

Upgrading them takes 4 Energy each.

When sun rises they drop coins in amount of times it got upgraded.

Walls (Wall):

Upgrading them first takes 1 then 4 then 9 coins.

To upgrade it to the last level you have to move while dropping

because you pick them up faster then you are able to drop them.

Shoes (Enemy):

Shoes break every plant they collide with.

If they collide with a wall they die and take 1 upgrade away from

the wall. If the wall is fully upgraded Shoes can't destroy it.

Bonus Flower (Flower):

Upgrading them takes 1 then 2 then 3 coins.

Upgrading them give 100 Score. The final upgrade gives 250 Score.

Shears (Enemy):

Shears destroy every plant they collide with.

They can break wood walls (Tier 1 and 2) without dying.

They can break thin stone walls but die while doing so.

They can only be fully blocked by using a fully upgraded wall.

Night Flower (Flower):

Upgrading them first takes 1 then 2 then 3 coins.

After upgrading them they will drop double the amount you paid

and drop it the next night.

Destroyer (Enemy):

Destroyer can break any plant or wall.

The Destroyer can only be killed by using a fully upgraded wall

or a fully charged bomb plant.

Bomb Plant (Flower):

Upgrading them takes 1 each but it takes 4 days to fully

upgrade them.

Enemies pass right through them.

If a Bomb Plant is fully upgraded it can destroy 1 Destroyer

but drops to Tier 1 by doing so.

Hope this helps! :D

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and start the Jar File inside it.


A Fox's Garden -Jar.zip 6 MB

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