A downloadable Sphere! for Windows, macOS, and Linux


I'm Pusty and I made this little game for Ludum Dare's October Challenge.

This is a better version of Spinning (which was made within 24h).

Well the goal of this challenge is to get 1$ with your game ,but I don't think my game is worth that much haha :D

(But I would be happy to get some cents :D)

Well I hope you try it out anyways and maybe leave a comment so I know what I could do better next time.


Mouse or CTRL: Select Sphere (Green Arrow: You can change rope length;Red Arrow: You can't change rope length)

Arrow Up/Down or W/S or Space/Shift: Resize rope length

+ / - : Zoom in/out

M : mute music

P : Pause/Unpause game

Z: Change perspective

F11: Fullscreen/Windowed

R: Restart

Arrow Right/Arrow Left: Change Page

1-6: Slow down!

Mouse: Select Sphere

Space: Next Level,Unpause

How to play:

You select one of the moving spheres with the mouse and then

press W/S to resize the rope so you can hit the enemy's core sphere.

If you hit an enemy's moving sphere with your own you neutralize it.

If you hit a neutralized sphere you get control over it

Install instructions

1. Download File

2. Unzip File

3. Start jar or batch file

4. Enjoy


Sphere [v1.0] [Spinning 2.0] 4 MB
Spinning[v1.0][DEMO] 5 MB

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